What’s My Win

Summer 2017 we worked with Golden Image Enterprises and built the nationwide campaign for the What’s My Win movement. This campaign was to inspire and encourage people to take small steps that would lead to better healthier lifestyle choices. Darren Kavinoky (creator of the TV Show Deadly Sins on Investigation Discovery) had joined the movement by doing a journey across America to share his story of change. Common Protocol along with Darren Kavinoky received worldwide recognition by being televised on CNN International. As other shows followed for Darren such as Dr. Phil, Fox News, Jimmy Fallon, and many more, our efforts inspired John and Lisa Collins, (the owners of Golden Image Enterprises) to have us create a wheel of fortune to give away a 30,000 dollar brand new car as a way to give back to the public. Our winner can be viewed at http://whatsmywin.com

Common Protocol was recognized as being the best web delivery team of 2017 and we are very grateful to receive such esteem recognition for our efforts.

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